Thank you for your interest in serving in the Passion Church family. We are building a team of people who are passionate about serving God and loving people. We look forward to the opportunity to serve alongside you.

    "...to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good." 1 Corinthians 12:7 NASB

    Individual Information

    This is a confidential application to be completed by all applicants for any volunteer position.

    Are you 18 years or older?

    Date of Birth
    Do you have any school-age/younger children?

    Where are you interested in serving? Check all that apply.

    Briefly explain why you would like to be part of this ministry/these ministries.

    Previous Experience

    Church Background

    Have you attended any other churches besides Passion in the last 5 years?

    Please list church attendance for the last 5 years:

    Church 1

    Church 2

    Church 3

    Did you leave your previous church in good standing?

    Are you attending a Passion Life Group?

    Qualifications for Ministry

    There are many opportunities within the church for members to serve the Body of Christ. However, serving others is more than just a responsibility we must all share; it is a privilege and an honor. All areas of service demand at least the same measure of accountability and commitment as would be expected from an employer in the workplace. Many Passion Church ministry positions involve care for other people’s children, and as such require an even higher level of trust and responsibility.

    Psalm 100:2 says “Serve the Lord with gladness!” The outstanding volunteer has the heart of a servant; a willingness and desire to serve others no matter who they are, where they came from, or what they look like. You must have the ability to effectively perform your duties with a positive outlook and a happy attitude that welcomes and encourages the congregation and supports the church leadership.

    While different ministries have different levels of visibility, all ministry volunteers should be good examples for others in the Church. All ministry volunteers in the local church are observed by neighbors, co-workers, visitors to the church, and by the congregation, as role models and examples of how a Christian should live and act. Therefore ministry volunteers at Passion Church must be of good Christian character.

    The following character qualifications are not merely guidelines for personal conduct during meetings, but rather they describe a personal lifestyle. All Passion Church ministry volunteers are expected to be sincere, worthy of respect, and of a good reputation; and to demonstrate a genuine desire to serve God and love people. We ask that, as a Passion Church ministry volunteer, you be in agreement with the statements below:

    • I am an active member of Passion Church.
    • I am in agreement with the Statement of Faith and overall vision of Passion Church, and support Passion Church with my prayers, resources, tithes and offerings.
    • I am in harmony and integrity in my marriage, family relationships, business relationships and personal friendships. I have high moral conduct and Christian character inside and outside of Passion Church.
    • I have an attitude of support and submission for authority, including the leadership of the church as a whole and my respective area of service. I am teachable and able to accept correction and decisions of church leaders without taking offense.
    • I demonstrate faithfulness in church attendance and participation at Passion Church events and overall faithfulness to fulfill the responsibilities pertaining to my specific ministry position.
    • I will be consistently on-time for my volunteer duties. While this will be different for each ministry area, punctuality means arriving early enough to be ready-to-begin when it is time to serve.
    • I am committed to the Biblical principle of tithes and offerings to the local church.
    • I am committed to live a lifestyle of worship to our Lord. This means I endeavor to allow the Holy Spirit to have His rightful place in all that I do.
    • I am committed to maintaining a disciplined life of Bible study, prayer and fasting, as well as refraining from such things as profanity, illegal drugs, pornography, sexual immorality, drunkenness and all behaviors that might cause Christ to grieve and others to stumble.
    • I am committed to building unity, being a peacemaker and a team player, having an attitude of grace, love, patience, longsuffering, service, and humility.
    • I am committed to deal with the sins of others, personal offenses, hurts, disagreements with others and other problems in a Biblical and timely manner.
    • I will focus on Jesus and major issues of the faith as the priority of our common worship and service.
    • I am committed to maintaining an attitude of compassion and grace to those who are hurting, different, sinful, or even adversarial to my faith in Christ.
    I have read, understand, and agree to the above qualifications:

    Personal Background

    Have you made Jesus the Lord of your Life?
    Have you been water baptized?
    Have you received baptism in the Holy Spirit?
    “I believe in Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit as the three persons, being one God. I believe in the sacrifice of Jesus as the only hope for the salvation of my soul. I believe Jesus is fully divine, was born of a virgin as God's only son, rose from the dead after dying on the cross, is seated at the right hand of God, and will return again. I believe the Bible is infallible and that a person must be born again to receive eternal life.”
    I agree with the above statement.
    Is there any fact or circumstance involving you or your background that may impact your ability to serve?

    I certify that the statements made by me, and the information provided by me on this form are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that by submitting this application I am not guaranteed a volunteer position and also understand that some ministries require a supplemental application, and a background check may be required.


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